Technical Requirements

Dance Kaleidoscope's Touring Technical Requirements will become the Technical Addendum that is an integral part of Dance Kaleidoscope's Performance Agreement and, upon agreement, must be signed by the Presenter, and the Presenter's Technical Director.  Please print the PDF file located at the bottom of this page for this purpose.

General Information
The touring staff of Dance Kaleidoscope (hereafter called "Company") consists of an Artistic Director, a Rehearsal Director, a Lighting Designer/Production Manager, a Technical Director, Stage Manager, Costume Manager, a Director of Touring and twelve to fifteen dancers (12-15) dancers. Company carries its own costumes, sets, props, gel color, a marley-type dance floor and sprung wooden dance sub-floor.  The Company requires the [Presenter's name here] (hereafter called "Presenter"), at the Presenter's expense, to provide the equipment, services and conditions outlined below:

Technical Requirements

Theatre needs to accommodate the following:
• Minimum dancing area: 40' wide X 32' deep
• Minimum offstage area: 10’ in width from the offstage stage edge of legs
• Crossover behind stage, minimum 6 ' wide, must be indoors without steps, with blue running lights where needed
• Company must screw into the stage floor to secure the sprung wooden dance sub-floor (drywall screws only)

Presenter must provide the following:
• 5 sets of black legs & borders
• 1 white cyclorama
• 1 seamless black scrim with ability to fly; must fly out of sight
• 1 grand drape
• Quick change booths, upstage left & right with costume rack, light, and mirror in each

Company will provide the following:
• A L'AIR sprung wooden dance sub-floor measuring 40' wide X 32' deep, requiring company to screw into the stage floor around the perimeter of the dance floor (drywall screws only)
• Black vinyl marley-type floor, if available.

Facility Floor
• Prior to the installation of the sub-floor, the on-stage and off-stage areas shall be made free of nails, tacks, staples, and any other protrusions or objects.
• Company prefers all lighting and sound cables to be kept off the floor.  If not possible, Company requires that the Presenter provide sufficient floor covering to cover these cables.
• If the Company uses any other spaces or studios during its residency, all floors must be wood laid over wood sleepers, with some give.  A WOOD FLOOR LAYED DIRECTLY OVER CONCRETE OR CEMENT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  All floors must be swept clean and ready for bare foot dancers.

• All of the dances in the program are performed in bare feet - this is a safety priority point.
• Prior to all technical rehearsals, warm-ups, spacing rehearsals and performances - the on-stage and off-stage areas shall be swept and made free of nails, tacks, staples and any other protrusions or objects that might cause injuries to bare foot dancers.  These same areas shall be damp mopped and in general good condition for a modern dance concert.
• Proper heat levels between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 25 degrees Celsius) must be maintained on-stage, and in off-stage areas, rehearsal rooms and dressing rooms whenever the Company is in rehearsal, class and performance.

PLEASE NOTE: If Theater's lighting inventory does not match that listed below, please have your technical director contact Company's Lighting Designer/Production Manager Laura E. Glover at 317-250-5325  to discuss possible alternatives.

Presenter must provide the following:
• All equipment and power needed to execute Company plot and hookup, including a computer light control board with a minimum of 200 channels of control
• Plot should be completely hung, circuited and tested prior to the arrival of the Lighting Designer/Production Manager - IF NOT, PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW
• Company Light Plot consists of 200 lighting instruments of the following specifications:
     -  8 Source 4 50 degree (750w) or similar units
     - 40 Source 4 36 degree (750w) or similar units
     - 52 Par 64 (1kw) or similar units
     - Appropriate front of house lighting for two color wash
     - Three-color cyc lighting units appropriate to venue, must hold gel color
     - 8 fifty lb. boom bases
     - 8 10' boom pipes with appropriate weighting to stabilize the boom
     - 40 Sidearms for hanging lighting units on booms
     - 100 amp service and tie-in for additional moving lights
• No follow spots are used
• Appropriate cable, zetex, etc.
• Gel frames/hanging hardware for all lighting units
• Template holders for a minimum of 8 units
• A red spotting lamp on center line in front of house
• Production table set up center of house with power, 2 headsets and computer monitor
• 1 Water based hazer
• In the instance of CARMINA BURANA, two dry ice machines (chemical dry ice machines) and appropriate dry ice are necessary.
In the instance of iconoGlass, a minimum of six profile moving light units
• Blue running lights backstage left and right

Company will provide the following:
• Necessary gel color, template patterns, and miscellaneous production supplies
• If necessary, a basic moving light package

Presenter must provide the following:

• 2 prop tables backstage (minimum 6' long) - 1 right, 1 left with blue running lights

Presenter must provide the following:

• Stereo amplification and loudspeakers sufficient for the house
• 1 mini-disc player (the Company may be able to supply this if necessary)
• 1 compact disc player (to be used as back up only)
• Mixing console
• 4 stage monitors: 2 in wing #1 left and right at the bottom of the sidebooms, and 2 upstage of cyc
• 1 wireless microphone, with enough cable to reach from backstage to center stage in front of the grand drape; mic stand off-stage for storage
• Headset requirements – One channel system
     - 2 additional headsets in the house at the production table
     - 2 headsets backstage: 1 DL, 1 DR
     - 1 headset for light board operator
     - 1 headset for sound board operator
     - 2 headsets in fly gallery for fly persons
DK will provide a sound computer for the purposes of playback.

PLEASE NOTE: The Company is not a yellow card attraction.

Presenter must provide the following:

     - 1 carpenter head
     - 1 electric head
     - 1 fly person/rigger head
     - 2 carpenters
     - 4 electricians
     - 1 fly person
     - 2 wardrobe persons
     - 5 truck loaders if other crew is not allowed to unload/load the truck
     - 1 light board operator
     - 3 electricians
     - 1 fly person
   Running Crew:
     - 1 light board operator
     - 1 sound board operator
     - 2 fly persons
     - 2 deckhands, 1 for each side of the stage
       Deckhands are responsible for gel changes on sidelight booms; handling of props, costume pieces and clearing of stage between
       pieces as needed.  SL deckhand will handle headset communication with Lighting Designer.
     - 2 to 4 dressers (depending upon the program)
PLEASE NOTE: Crew personnel must be the same for all rehearsals and performances. Please notify the Production Manager if the crew is not a professional crew.

Presenter must provide the Company with the following:

• 1 iron, 1 ironing board, and 1 industrial clothes steamer
• 2 dressers for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 8 hours on the day of each performance; the number of hours required will vary according to the program
• Laundry facilities (washing machine, dryer, etc.) are required daily
• 2 costume racks located on each side of the stage (plus the quick change booths)

Dressing Rooms
• Two (2) separate dressing rooms with counters and mirror space for seven (7) men and eight (8) women.  Rooms must have sinks or wash basins, restroom facilities and showers.  Rooms should be clean, well-lighted, with chairs and 3 costume racks each.
• One (1) room for the Artistic Director, with a desk, chair, internet access and private restroom, within a short distance of the stage.
• One (1) room for the Lighting Designer/Production Manager, Technical Director. Stage Manager, Rehearsal Director and Director of Touring, as close to the stage as possible, with a desk, chair and telephone with local service and internet access.
• It is requested that all dressing rooms and production rooms be LOCKABLE with keys provided to Company's Production Manager.  At minimum, Company requires a secure and lockable space.

Rehearsal Space
• The stage where the performance is to be held and the dressing rooms must be available to the Company three hours prior to each performance and must have ballet barres to accommodate 10 dancers.
• A heated studio or large room (complying with the sections labeled FACILITY FLOOR and SAFETY) is required for a class in the afternoon on the day of the Company's arrival and prior to its first technical rehearsal.  A studio or the stage area will also be needed each day that the Company is in residence at the Presenter's facility for daily class for the dancers and should have ballet barres to accommodate 10 dancers.


The Company respectfully asks the Presenter to try and supply the following during all rehearsals and performances:
• Non-carbonated bottled water (e.g. Evian, Poland Springs, etc.)
• 20 cans or bottles of assorted regular and diet sodas
• 20 assorted juices (e.g. orange, grapefruit, etc.)
• Hot coffee and tea to accommodate 20 people - with sugar, sugar substitute and milk
• Appropriate utensils and cups
• A pitcher or large bottle of drinking water with cups located on either side of the stage
PLEASE NOTE: It is appreciated if the Hospitality is for the exclusive use of the Company.

• The Presenter agrees to provide, at the Presenter's expense, all local transportation for Company personnel between all performance sites, residency activities and the Company's lodgings.
• On occasion during long extended tours, the Company will rent vehicles to transport dancers and staff. THE PRESENTER IS STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR REIMBURSING THE COMPANY OR DIRECTLY PAYING FOR ALL RENTAL VEHICLES AS PRO-RATED FOR THAT BOOKING.
• Company requires all necessary local parking permits and/or decals as required for all Company vehicles.

This Technical Requirements was revised March 20, 2016 and replace all previous technical requirements.  Please disregard any earlier versions. These Requirements expire December 31, 2017.  Please print and sign the available PDF file as part of booking Dance Kaleidoscope into your venue. Please note, that DK requires the venue's Production Manager or Technical Director to sign off on this Technical Requirements Addendum (printable PDF below). Thank you! 

pdf Downloadable Technical Requirements PDF (106 KB)