American Valentine • Touring 2020-21

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American Valentine is a beautiful performance in two acts—the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your audience.

Run Time: 75 minutes (plus 20 minute intermission)
15 dancers

Act One - Our America
Created by seven DK dancers, this work premiered at the 2019 IndyFringe Festival. In seven parts, it is filled with hope, pride and compassion. You will hear the inspiration from each of the young choreographers. JillianGodwin piece Freddie web

"Dance Kaleidoscope dancers have choreographed a new, original piece expressing America's values such as freedom, choice and courage. Through movement, their dances paint landscapes of the soul revealing the full spectrum of human emotions. You actually watch these American themes come to life through empowering movements and music of hope."  
        —Leah Beatty, IndyFringe Talks

"The complexity of [Jillian] Godwin's A Home for All was impressive. She mastered the elusive chore of representing multiplicity in the American Experience. The well-woven patterns, with nearly unstinting strife threaded amid notes of triumph, were busy but presented in an uncongested manner, making good use of the emotionally featureless music of Phillip Glass as a one-color canvas on which to paint." 
        —Jay Harvey, Jay Harvey Upstage

Act Two - Facets of Love 
DK Artistic Director has selected audience favorite romantic Rome Juliet balcony CEP webduets and moments from the company repertoire. This will include the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet Fantasy, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and Crazy.  


For more information or to book American Valentine, contact Lynn Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 317-940-8459.

Rain • Touring 2020-21

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A piece that explores the wildly different aspects and energies of the musician Prince.

Run time: 20 minutes
15 dancers

Music Men web photo 1From the opening of "When Doves Cry," to the closing song "Purple Rain," this choreography by Nicholas Owens is an amazing visual gift that brings this ground-breaking music to life.

"The innovative piece, Rain, set to music by Prince, began with a jolt to the senses when the lights came up to reveal the dancers, lighted by designer Laura Glover, in a stark tableau that foreshadowed something very special was about to unfold."
    —Tom Alvarez, On the Aisle with Tom Alvarez

MusicMen sexygroup chrisCrawl"Unconventional movement served to accentuate the sensually-charged nature of Prince's songs and persona."   
    —Jay Harvey, Jay Harvey Upstage


For more information or to book Rain, contact Lynn Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 317-940-8459.