Winter 2020 DK Kids Classes

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Time to register for our 2020 Winter DK Kids classes! If you have any questions, contact DK's Education Director Lynn Webster at 317-940-8459. We look forward to seeing everyone in class very soon!

Classes begin Monday, January 13, 2020.

Note: Beginning February 10, some of the Monday/Tuesday class times must change to allow Butler Ballet to use our studios. We hope these times will work for everyone.

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A beginning class for very young dancers focusing on ballet & jazz styles. Emphasis on large motor skills, rhythm, coordination and basic dance steps.
Ages: 3-5, Manuel Valdes, Mon. 5 - 5:30pm (5:15 - 5:45 beginning February 10)
Ages: 3-5, Missy Thompson, Tu. 4:30 - 5pm (5 - 5:30pm beginning February 11)
Ages: 3-5, Missy Thompson, We. 5 - 5:30pm        
Ages: 4-5, Manuel Valdes, Sa. 9 - 9:30am

Beginning Ballet

The first class of formal ballet instruction, introducing dancers to basic positions, correct body alignment, barre work and terminology…A structured progression that creates the foundation for future dance training.
Ages: 6-8, Paige Robinson, Mo. 5:30 - 6:15pm (5 - 5:45pm beginning February 10)
Ages: 6-8, Paige Robinson, Mo. 6:15- 7pm (5:45 - 6:30pm beginning February 10)
Ages: 6-10, Missy Thompson, We. 5:30 - 6:15pm
Ages: 6-8, Manuel Valdes, Sa. 9:30 - 10:15am

Ballet 1
Ballet 1 will continue with the fundamentals of classical ballet, focusing on basic ballet technique, musicality, across the floor and barre work
Prev. AssessmentLiberty Harris, Tu. 5:30 - 6:30pm (5 - 6pm beginning February 11)

Ballet 2
$180/each or $300/both*
This is the next level of ballet training. Each class will emphasize technique, barre exercises, center floor work & across-the-floor combinations.
*All Ballet 2 students are recommended to take both classes.
Prev. Assessment, Liberty Harris, Tu. 6:45 - 7:30pm (6 - 7:15pm beginning February 11)
Aleksa Lukasiewicz, We. 6 - 7pm

Leaps & Turns
A technique class focusing on technically challenging aspects of dance.
Ballet 1 & 2 students, Aleksa Lukasiewicz, We. 5:30 - 6pm

Beginning Jazz
This class will build dancers’ style & confidence while working on musicality & the ability to pick up choreography connecting steps & skills with upbeat music.
Ages 7-10, Manuel Valdes, Mon. 5:30 - 6pm (5:45 - 6:15pm beginning February 10)
Ages 6-10, Missy Thompson, Wed. 6:15 - 6:45pm 

Jazz 1 & 2
These classes will build dancers’ style & confidence while working on musicality & the ability to pick up choreography connecting steps & skills with upbeat music. Jazz 2 works on further development of style & skills. Prev. Assessment
Jazz 1, Aleksa Lukasiewicz, We. 5 - 5:30pm
Jazz 2, Aleksa Lukasiewicz, We. 7 - 7:30pm

Beg. Tap
This class is for the first year tap student. Will focus on the very basics of tap dance: vocabulary, essential steps and combinations.
Ages: 6-12, Jillian Godwin, Tues. 5 - 5:30pm (4:30 - 5pm beginning February 11)

This class is designed for younger dancers with a little experience with tap dance. The core of the class will focus on the development of basic technical skills          
Ages: 8-12, Jillian Godwin, Tues. 6-6:30pm (5:30 - 6pm beginning February 11)

Hip Hop
Class teaches current trends in dance focusing on strength, conditioning, expression, terminology and body placement.
Ages: 6-10, Manuel Valdes, Mo. 6 - 6:30pm (6:15 - 6:45pm beginning February 10)
Ages: 6-10, Manuel Valdes, Sa. 10:15 -10:45

To register, call 317-940-8459 or download the form below and mail with payment.

pdf Winter 2020 DK Kids Registration Form (96 KB)