Fusion Hip Hop/Modern Dance Class

A fusion of hip hop and modern dance techniques is the focus of this two-day (45-minute each day) residency. 4th – 10th grade students get on the move through this energetic and physically challenging dance class. Warm-up exercises will be taught to prepare the body for physical activity and self-expression will be encouraged while students and instructors create unique dance movements that stimulate the cardio-vascular system while supporting healthy living habits.

Standards easily met:
Physical Education

5.1.1    Demonstrate the ability to integrate locomotor, non-locomotor and stability movements in more complex skills
5.1.3    Demonstrate the ability to perform more complex rhythmic skills alone and with a partner
5.2.1    Identify ways that movement concepts can be used to refine movement skills
5.2.2    Describe and demonstrate essential elements of mature movement patterns
5.3.3    Participate in health enhancing physical activity
5.3.4    Recognize the positive emotional effects of participation in leisure time physical activity
5.4.2    Demonstrate age appropriate muscular strength and muscular endurance
5.4.3    Demonstrate age appropriate cardiovascular endurance
5.4.7    Demonstrate age appropriate flexibility
5.4.8    Demonstrate age appropriate body composition
5.5.1    Exhibit independence and ability to succeed ingrops
5.5.2    Perform activities safely and follows class rules of conduct
5.6.1    Demonstrate positive attitude toward self and others through physical activity
5.6.2    Enjoy participation alone and with others
5.7.5    Exhibit positive feelings about participation in physical activity
5.7.6    Engage in the challenge of new activities
5.7.7    Engage in and enjoys independent and interactive physical activity
5.7.8    Use physical activity as a means of self-expression

Health & Wellness:
5.1.4    Describe ways to prevent common childhood injuries
5.2.2    Identify the influence of culture on health practices and behaviors
5.2.3    Identify how peers can influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors
5.2.5    Explain how the media influences thoughts, feelings and health behaviors
5.4.1     Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal communication skills to enhance health

5.1.1    Demonstrate increased kinesthetic awareness by exhibiting proper body alignment, balance, coordination and concentration.
5.1.2    Demonstrate increased spatial awareness by combining two spatial components
5.1.3    Demonstrate increased awareness of the element of force by combining two different force components.
5.1.4    Demonstrate increased awareness of the element of time by utilizing various time components through movement
5.2.1    Create movement phrases with a partner using contrast, variety, transitions and repetition.
5.2.2    Choreograph a dance sequence based on students’ ideas using improvised movement
5.3.1    Create and present simple dance sequences that communicate feelings, stories or ideas
5.3.5    Create dance movements from everyday movements and gestures
5.4.1    Identify and discuss personal feeling and thoughts from involvement in dance activities
5.6.1    Identify and discuss the importance of dance movement and its role in stress management
5.6.2    Identify and discuss healthy and unhealthy practices that affect a dancer’s body and its performance