The Dance Show

The basic definition of dance (shapes moving through space to a beat) is explored in an eye-catching and interactive demonstration with Dance Kaleidoscope. Dancers explain and perform the elements of dance to a wonderful array of music, capturing students’ imaginations and creativity.

Standards easily met:
Physical Fitness:

3.5.3    Respect the rights of others
3.6.1    Demonstrate a tolerance for individual differences
3.6.2    Encourage classmates who demonstrate difficulty with a skill
3.7.1    Demonstrate feelings through a pattern of locomotor and non-locomotor movements
3.7.2    Enjoy participation in partner and group physical activities

Health & Wellness:
3.1.2    Give examples of physical and emotional health
3.1.4    Identify way to prevent childhood injuries
3.4.3    Suggest nonviolent strategies to manage conflict
3.5.1    Indicate routine health-related situations
3.5.3    Tell options to health-related issues or problems
3.5.4    Indicate the possible consequences of each choice when making a health-related decision
3.5.5    Identify a healthy choice when making a decision
3.7.2    Identify a healthy practice to maintain personal health and wellness

Dance Standards:
1.2    Explore shapes, personal and shared space, locomotor and non-locomotor axial movements
1.3    Explore the elements of force through sharp and smooth movement
1.4    Explore the elements of time using tempo and rhythm
2.1    Explore leading and following skills
2.2    Understand improvisation and learned movement
2.3    Demonstrate beginning, middle and end
3.1    Expression of feelings
3.2    Understanding different ways of movement
4.1    Expression of personal feelings
6.2    Introduces health practices of Dance
7.1    Explore similarities between dance and other art forms
7.2    Explore connections between dance and other discipline areas (such as: creative writing)
8.1    Show respect and appreciation during live performance
8.2    Identify that dance can be a career.