Fusion Hip Hop/Modern Dance Class

A fusion of hip hop and modern dance techniques is the focus of this two-day (45-minute each day) residency. 4th – 10th grade students get on the move through this energetic and physically challenging dance class. Warm-up exercises will be taught to prepare the body for physical activity and self-expression will be encouraged while students and instructors create unique dance movements that stimulate the cardio-vascular system while supporting healthy living habits.

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Everyday We Write a Dance*

This residency explores, through dance, how the fabric of everyday life becomes part of a community’s traditional ritual. Focusing on a Native American story, the students are able to recall knowledge they already have as well as to think creatively and critically as all participate in the making of a community dance.

*Scheduled through Arts for Learning.

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The Dance Show

The basic definition of dance (shapes moving through space to a beat) is explored in an eye-catching and interactive demonstration with Dance Kaleidoscope. Dancers explain and perform the elements of dance to a wonderful array of music, capturing students’ imaginations and creativity.

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