Administrative Staff

Lynn Webster, Director of Education

LynnLynn manages education programing: public dance classes, dance workshops, master classes, and all aspects of touring. You'll find Lynn in the theater lobby at DK performances.

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Hometown: Evanston, IL

My first experience with DK: was in the office while the company was in Ashland, Oregon. I was surrounded by all the beautiful images of these gorgeous dancers and had never met any of them. When I finally saw them on stage, I was awe-struck. Still am!

Outside DK, people might find me: with friends.

What I love best about working in the arts: The variety of people that are open to new things…that love to be an part of a community…that come from all different backgrounds

My Zen place: I grew up on Lake Michigan and if there is one place I consider home it is there. It is where I feel most comfortable.

Something quirky about me that people might be surprised to learn: I love to re-arrange ‘stuff’. I could spend hours taking everything off the furniture in my living room and re-positioning it on another space. It is the way I clean….everything is moved and everything goes somewhere else!

Guilty pleasure: One beer or one glass of wine when I get home from work - Chex Mix optional.