Meet the DK Dancers - Video

The DK dancers have passion and dedication for dance and Dance Kaleidoscope. In this video by WFYI Productions, the dancers voice their feelings about dance while dancing in urban areas around Indianapolis.

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October 2016

Dancing Outside DK

DK dancers Phillip Crawshaw, Jillian Godwin and Stuart Coleman are appearing in performances with other companies this summer. We wanted to catch up with them to hear how their expereinces there are going.

Artistic Director David Hochoy says, "DK dancers are known for their versatility and their ability to seem at home in a number of different styles of dance. Audience members are constantly saying to me, 'I didn't know they were such good actors!' It's healthy for our dancers to venture into new explorations of their talent and artistry, so I encourage them to pursue these opportunities. There is indeed no limit to the ever-expanding well of creativity and expression that dwells in all of us."

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Q & A with Emily Dyson

April 6, 2016
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Why do you dance?
I am not always good with my words or speaking in front of people and dance allows me to be the most honest version of myself without any reservations. Dance also helps push me to new boundaries and gives me the opportunity to discover something new about myself every day.

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Q & A with David Hochoy

DK's Artistic Director, David Hochoy, was approached by Alexa Harris who is working on a project about what it's like to go into the dance field called Careers in Art Project. She granted DK permission to publish her Q&A here.
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What is your favorite part of being DK's artistic director?
Choreographing dances, and watching the dancers evolve with time, training and patience.

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Q & A with Stuart Coleman

April 5, 2016
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Why do you dance?
Before I was dancing, I was dancing. Years before my first dance class, I was choreographing dances to songs on the radio and spontaneously breaking out in dance in front of my classmates in school. Taking dance lessons just gave me structure to a passion that was always inside me.

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