Virtual Birthday Party for David

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On May 1, we threw a Virtual Birthday Party for our beloved Artistic Director, David Hochoy. During this time of so much uncertainty, we all need somthing to celebrate with love and laughter. So today, we invite everyone to honor David with a birthday greeting or a favorite memory. Below you'll find messages and a poem (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You'll also find a video with lots of heart-felt (and wonderfully silly) messages for David. Plus, we're streaming David's delightful Merry Mozart to showcase his talent and the beautiful dancers.

"Happy birthday, David!!!!  And many more!  You are a delight and a gem in the world of dance!"
—Janet Rapala

"Here’s a little song and dance to help you continue to stay strong and healthy dear David! You inspire dancers everywhere...Carry on! Happy birthday!
—Carol Tharp-Perrin And Larry Gindhart

"Happy Birthday my dear Friend. I’m sure you are surviving in this terrible time. Take care and stay well. All my love."
—Norman Walker

"Happy Birthday - in absentia. Hope things will improve sometime in the near future and IOU a birthday dinner."
—Dorit Paul

Anita Sipes
—Anita Sipes

“Happy Birthday David! Dance Kaleidoscope has been blessed with your Artistic Leadership for more than 2 decades. Even though I have not been around DK for that long, it is obvious that YOU have been an innovating and wonderful influence to the company and to our community. I am thrilled to wish you a Happy Birthday and Many More!”
—Bobbi K. SamplesDavid Birthday photos 1

“I’m so appreciative of our friendship that has grown over the years. You inspire me in your cooking; your love for your Shay-Shay, Emi, and Kookie; in your excitement over your garden; and in your boundless creativity in dance. I’m so happy you’re in my life!”  
—Rita Spalding

“How lucky we are that you have chosen to make Indianapolis your home. Thank you for your artistry, sensitivity, dedication, and friendship. Happy Birthday!”
—Cheryl & Jim Strain

“Amy and I wish for you a wonderful birthday David. You unceasingly celebrate the best in others. It is only fitting that on your birthday, you are celebrated. Happy Birthday!”
—Clay & Amy Robbins

“Happy birthday, David! Thank you for all of your love and dedication through the years!”
—Mariel Greenlee

“Happy Birthday, David, have a memorable day filled with wishes coming true . . . remotely!”
—Janie Halteman

"David! We wish you the happiest of birthdays! Sending a big virtual hug. And thank you for all the beautiful art you put forth into the world. We need it more than ever."
—Jan & Tim Lucas

"Happy Birthday David! And many, many more! Love, Light and Laugher."
—Eve Earley

Watch this beautifully goofy video of birthday greetings from the dancers, some of the choreographers who have worked with David recently, and a handful of others who love David. 
Birthday button video

“One of my happiest memories is of zipping through downtown Indy after a late dinner at the Cantebury. In my red Saab with the sun roof open, I was taking you and Richard Ford back to your car—with Sable, my German Shepard in the back seat. You were in the back with Sable, who was alternately poking her head through the sunroof and nuzzling the back of Richard's neck. And we were all laughing uproariously. Thanks, David, for the many nights of pleasure and delight.”
—Sarah Barney

“David, I will never forget the first time I attended a DK performance and saw you and your glittery jacket talk about the show and choreography. Since that first performance I was hooked and happy to now call you my friend. Your spirit, your vision and your passion drives us all.”
—Geovani Bonilla

“Happy Birthday, David!”
—Beverly Lang

“Dearest David, for many years  you have danced into our hearts. Our emotions. Our imaginations. You have set and realized the most beautiful and uncompromising artistic standards for DK. You have been courageous and a heroic visionary. You are an inspiring light for all of us ...whether we dance or these complicated times. Happy, Happy Birthday.” David Birthday photos 2
— Marianne Tobias

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!! Cathy & I wish you best for your birthday. This may be the longest “social distance” greeting you receive. Anyway, have a great day.”
—George & Cathy Korinek

“Here’s wishing you an amazing Birthday and a terrific year!  While the upcoming year is sure to be full of challenges, I know that it will also be full of triumphs for both you and DK!  Best wishes.”  
—Rick Kissel

“We wish you every joy on your birthday. You radiate kindness and thoughtfulness to all, as well as inspiring the dancers and devoted followers of DK. May you have many more birthdays in better times than these.”
—Freddie & Anne Kelvin

“Enjoyed all your work all these years. Stay well!”
—Terry and Margaret Yen

“David, you are an inspiration to all of us. You have touched our hearts and our spirits by sharing his talent and vision. We raise a toast to you on your Birthday.”
—Sherrie & John Knighton

"Dan & I wish you a happy birthday even in these times of disruption. Keep inspiring us with your  beautiful works & keep us laughing! I hope we can see them in person safely & sooner rather than later."
—Kate & Dan Appel

"I am reminded of when you arrived in Indy in August(?).  Richard Ford raved about you and told me to see DK at Penrod.  I was hugely disappointed. (Sometime later I realized you would have not had time to influence that production.) Tangential to that, Richard was either going or coming from a party to welcome you to Indy and was in a car accident. Sometime later, Richard invited me to attend your first DK production. (Somehow I seem to remember it was on the upper stage - but.....???). It was fabulous! I went immediately and purchased a season ticket and have done so every season since. Thank you Richard and thank you David!"
—Gay Burkhart

Watch this performance of David Hochoy's brightly funny piece, Merry Mozart. This video will be available for free streaming on DK's YouTube channel until noon on Monday, May 4, 2020. 

MMozart video button

"We wish you a very happy birthday!!!"
—Kristine Beckwith

"Greetings David, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.   They do have a way of accumulating. (May is also sort of birthday month in my family: my mother, sister, brother and me.) Celebrate it  well.  Isn’t life a wonderful gift.  And do be able to dance one’s way through it.  Icing on the cake. Friends of mine named Andahazy had their own studios and company in Minnesota.  I once thought I had a chance to teach near there.  I contemplated, in spite of two left feet, taking their adult beginners’ class.  But the teaching job never materialized.  A great lost opportunity I still sometimes regret. To compensate, I come to as many dance performances as I can squeeze into my schedule. 

"Dance Kaleidoscope has been a great delight for me for many years now.  Am I not lucky that years ago Chuck Snyder gave Sister Stella and me a pair of comp tickets. I have maintained a pair of season tickets ever since.  (As well as “season” tickets for Butler Ballet.)   Many thanks to you not only for my pleasure, but also for the great benefit you and DK have been to the Indianapolis community.  What a treasure for any city. So, again, Happy Birthday, and many more. Peace and all good."           
—Fr. Leopold, R. Keffler, O.F.M. Conv.

"Wishing you a very happy and joyful day."
—Kay Baker 

"Just wanting to send you a happy birthday wish. Thank you for all you do to enrich the arts in Indianapolis. We’re very lucky to have you.  Sending love from Florida."
—Joyce & Maj Sheldon

"Sending warm wishes your way for a very happy birthday David!"
—Sherris Johnson

When honoring your birthday the following thoughts come to mind…
You have led Dance Kaleidoscope through these many years
With a dedication and devotion that mastered any fears
Whether creating choreography that suits emotion to the letter
Or telling the great Misha that he can do better
The foundation you have built to support modern dance
Will establish your legacy and not leave it to chance
Your heart and your mind have created such joy
So that today we celebrate the birthday of David Hochoy
—T.A. Shula

“Your birthday is a perfect time to celebrate YOU, for all that you bring to the world.  Your energy, drive, and talent continue to make a great impact, both here, locally, and beyond.  You are an incredible man, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays!”|
—Jim Anthony

“Happiest of Birthdays, David! You have helped to make Indianapolis a destination city that can value all types of art and entertainment. Thank you for helping to open my eyes to the treasures found in dance and the dance community. Enjoy your special day!” 
—Kim Donahue  David Birthday photos 3

“David! Have the happiest of birthdays…albeit a simple celebration but full of wonderful messages, inspiring moments and amazing friends. Know that you are blessed and that we feel blessed calling you friend!
—Lynn Webster

“Happy Birthday, David. Even during these slightly less than normal times, you remain a bright light and leader. Your generous heart helps us all get through these days.”
—Paul Hansen

"Thank you for your guidance and inspiration as you continue to Keep On Dancing."
—Cindy Oler

"Happy Birthday!"
Jamie Gibbs and Paco Argiz

"Dear David, have an awesome birthday & keep repeating for many more years. Hugs virtually/love in real time."
—Rita Kohn

"I just finished watching your virtual party and I am overwhelmed and happy with all that your friends said/did/shared. Wow are you loved and how I love having worked with you for going on 25 years.  Memory...when I first joined the company you always bought me shoes from Oregon.  Loved the shoe story shared by Bob.  I love you and am so proud of you. I am so fortunate to have you as my partner in these times leading DK. We will emerge! Love you."
—Jan Virgin

“I can't think of a better way to celebrate your birthday than with a gift to DK. A collective toast from your many friends is in order. I send you my love and hugs for a joyous birthday, David.”
—Anne Scheele

Watch this Thank You video from David Hochoy. 

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The people listed below have made donations to DK in honor of David Hochoy's Birthday. We will update this list as new donations come in. If you would like to make a donation now, use this link. You may also mail donations to Dance Kaleidoscope marked "David Hochoy's B'day" on the memo line to Dance Kaleidoscope, 4603 Clarendon Rs., Ste. 32, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Thank you! 

Donate in Honor of David's Birthday with this secure link. 

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