Q & A with David Hochoy

DK's Artistic Director, David Hochoy, was approached by Alexa Harris who is working on a project about what it's like to go into the dance field called Careers in Art Project. She granted DK permission to publish her Q&A here.
David web head

What is your favorite part of being DK's artistic director?
Choreographing dances, and watching the dancers evolve with time, training and patience.

What was it like working with Martha Graham?
It was very inspiring and also very difficult.  Martha was very tough and demanding, but in living up to her expectations we became as great as we possibly could.
w Martha Graham American Ambassador Paris 1982 SM
What's the best advice you received as an aspiring dancer?
Never be satisfied. Never stop learning

How would you describe the world of dance in one word?

What's one thing that will set you apart from other dancers?
Your character, your charisma, your gumption
David rehearsal

What do you usually look for in dancers?
A spark that tells me this dancer loves to perform, or something that makes me fall in love with them

What's your favorite performance put on by DK?
Carmina Burana

What has been your most memorable moment in dance?
Waiting to go onstage at the Herod Atticus Theatre in Athens for an audience of 6,000!