Q & A with Aleksa Lukasiewicz

April 18, 2016
Aleksa headshot

Why do you dance?
I dance because it the most fulfilling activity I have ever come across. It is a physical, mental and emotional challenge. I get to open up and be myself, yet also play an endless amount of characters. I get to be part of a team and accomplish amazing feats, then sometimes I get the chance to shine on my own. It never gets boring and not to mention, its fun!


If you hadn't been a dancer, what would you be doing?
I think I would have gone to law school and pursued something down that path.

What other exercise/physical training do you spend time with besides dance classes? How does that help?
I have done some physical therapy and have my exercises and daily things that I work on, but I hit the gym mostly on our layoffs. I like to take a lot of group fitness classes: cardio, weightlifting, kickboxing, yoga... I mix it up so I don't get bored. Lately, I've also been doing some reformer work and have really enjoyed that.
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What types of costumes are easiest to dance in? Describe your favorite costume you've ever danced in. Describe the most challenging/why.
For the most part, if a costume fits well and is flattering on my body then I'm pretty happy. I do not like dancing with a mask on, which is very rare and I haven't had to do yet for DK. 

What inspires you when you're creating choreography? What is the biggest challenge for you in that process?
I'm mostly inspired by music, but I usually have a concept and a few specific images I will work from too.

What is your favorite part of teaching dance? What's the biggest challenge? Where do you teach?
My favorite part of teaching dance is watching my students grow. I demand a lot of focus and hard work from my students and they do a great job stepping up and meeting those demands. Watching all that dedication pay off for them is the absolute best. The hardest part can be keeping students motivated every day and insisting they give their best every day. You can give them tons of information but they have to take it and do something with it. My teacher used to always say "I can't crawl into your body and do the work for you!" Another challenging thing is working with difficult body types (hyper-extended legs, sway backs, etc.), especially if it's something I can't relate to easily. I teach classes for DK and at Expressenz Dance Center.
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What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Bad tv

What one piece of advice would you give a student who wants to dance professionally?
Don't wait always for a teacher to give you corrections or tell you what to do. Make discoveries on your own and learn from the people around you. Also unfortunately, be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices (it will be worth it though!)