Spirit & Place Festival 2020

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Video On Demand, November 8 - 22
At 2pm on Sunday, November 8, the free link to this free virtual performance will appear here. 
Please RSVP for this Spirit & Place event here. That will help S&P keep track of how the Festival is going and who's coming. Thank you! 

When Covid-19 hit this spring, nobody’s life was untouched by it. We pared our lives down to the necessities and sheltered in the best way we could. Sometimes we were surprised by what we didn’t need, sometimes by what we missed (and how much we missed it.) We celebrated birthdays and graduations with drive-by parties; Zoom cocktail hours kept us in touch. We mourned our losses without the comfort of loved ones surrounding us. We wondered if it would ever end. Whether the personal consequences of the virus were tragic or just deeply disorienting, we’ve all had moments of fear, anxiety, anger, grief, and frustration, as well as moments of happiness, insight, and even joy. Living through this strange time has been different for each of us—yet, in many ways, the same.

Ten short poems/essays about writers' experiences during Covid-19 were selected for this collaboration. For this moving performance, the essays will inspire ten DK dancers to choreograph pieces that further the story. These Spirit & Place Festival projects are always rewarding for the audiences, the writers, and the dancers.

Due to health concerns for performers and audience members, this free performance will be virtual. So you'll be able to watch as many times as you'd like from the comfort of your home.

Here are the pieces selected and the DK dancer who will choreograph:
Shut In by Nyeshia Dentis, choreographer Aaron Steinberg
Ode to My Student Who is Starving by Jodie English, choreographer Marie Kuhns
Intwisted Perspective by Jaquelin Escobedo, choreographers Aleksa Lukasiewicz and Emily Dyson
Ballad for the Silent Stage by Rachel Hedges, choreographer Missy Thompson
My Bleeding Heart by Leah Lederman, choreographer Natalie Clevenger
Waiting for the Fever by Jeremy Richard, choreographer Paige Robinson
In the End by Christina Williams Saulter, choreographer Manuel Valdes
Close by Mary Sexon, choreographer Sarah Taylor
Continued on Page 12 by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman, choreographer Aleksa Lukasiewicz
...But Some of Us are Looking at the Stars by Ania Spyra, choreographer Stuart Coleman

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Spirit & Place invites you to examine how origin stories and myths help us wrestle with morality. How cultural and social biases influence the formation, interpretation, and impact of origin stories and how these stories have collectively shaped us. Whether exploring the founding of a faith, city, or favorite superhero, we invite you to share (maybe even re-imagine!) the origin stories that matter to you. Which stories of genesis, birth, and transformation fuel your soul and provide spiritual growth? How might the arts connect us more deeply to our origin stories? How did our emergence as a species, and a nation, shape our understanding of race, class, and gender? 

Winner of the NUVO Cultural Vision Award and the Indiana Achievement Award, the Spirit & Place Festival reaches 20,000 people annually through dozens of "never-seen-before" programs. Artists and authors, entrepreneurs and neighborhood organizers, storytellers and scholars come together with singles and couples, families and friends in a true community conversation. Think: TED lecture, but interactive and on steroids.