DK @ Spirit & Place Festival

Virtual Event - November 14 - 28

Here's the link that will be active from 2pm on Nov. 14 until 5pm on Nov. 28

The Spirit & Place Festival is an 11-day festival of events independently created and hosted by the community and supported by Spirit & Place. We provide a yearly theme, coaching on events, and promotional support. TOGETHER, we leverage our strengths and use the power of the arts, humanities, and religion to build civic bonds.

Change. 2020 changed everything. We—and the world—feel changed. This change has been exhausting, exhilarating, terrifying, liberating, needed, and not enough all rolled into one. We ask the community to reflect on the changes we have witnessed and experienced and imagine the steps needed to make further change possible.

Leave Them Something  Dance Kaleidoscope has partnered with Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Indiana Writers Center, and JCC Indianapolis for a project inspired by paintings from artist/activist Edith Vonnegut (Kurt Vonnegut's daughter). This particular series of paintings is about environmental injustice — how humankind has changed the planet (a theme her father often wrote and spoke about). See the paintings here. 

For this project, writers and poets were invited to submit pieces that were inspired by Edith's paintings. Selected writings were given to the DK company dancers, who then choreographed dances inspired by the painting and writing. The dances will be filmed on stage at JCC Indianapolis, the edited together with the spoken word and images of the paintings.

Angel Bound by Plastic by Mary Sexson
Choreographer - Manuel Valdes
Dancer - Emily Franks

Oil Spill Communion by Jodie English
Choreographer - Holly Harkins
Dancers - Paige Robinson, Natalie Clevenger, Manuel Valdes

Gunsmoke Sunset by Angelita Hampton
Choreographer - Sarah Taylor
Dancers - Emily Dyson, Marie Kuhns

Colonizing Mars by Michael Bauman
Choreographer/Dancer - Stuart Coleman

Wooden Queen by Joseph Kerschbaum
Choreographers/Dancers - Natalie Clevenger, Justin Rainey

Mother Grim by Marjie Giffin
Choreographer/Dancer - Aleksa Coffey

We Strike the Rock by Shari Wagner
Choreographer/Dancer - Cody Miley

No Angels Came to Save Us by Martina McGowan
Choreographer - Eduardo Zambrana
Dancers - Natalie Clevenger, Holly Harkins

Leave Them Something will be virtual. This meaningful collaboration will begin streaming at 2pm on November 14 — you'll be able to watch anytime until 5pm on November 28. Here's the link.