Puccini People Plus

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We've made the difficult decision for our October show to be a virtual experience due to health concerns for patrons, dancers, and staff. Puccini People Plus will be filmed on the Indiana Repertory Theatre mainstage without an audience by WFYI Productions, using three cameras and state-of-the-art equipment. Season Subscribers will be sent the link to stream the show at 8pm on Friday, October 16, and will be able to view the show any time until the 31st. Everyone else will be able to get the link the next evening for a fee of $20 from October 17 - 31 Look here for more information soon. 

Jill Life Mike

This beautiful show is mostly solos with a few group pieces where the dancers are able to keep a distance from each other, and only dancers who live together will be permitted to touch during this show. This will also be audience favorite Jillian Godwin’s final performance as she retires from dancing after 17 seasons with DK.

Dancer Retirement
Jillian Godwin will perform three solos in her farewell performance:
"Something's Comin'" from West Side Story
–  Frank Sinatra's "That's Life"
–  Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee"

Here's an article about Jillian's retirement in NUVO. 

Tribute to Christel
The program will also include Edith Piaf's "Non, Je Regrette Rien" as a tribute to Christel DeHaan who passed away on June 6, 2020. Singer Edith Piaf  was one of her favorites, and she loved DK's show PIAF.

Note from the Choreographer
Here are choreographer David Hochoy's notes about the central piece of the show:Angel of Death
"Puccini People was inspired by many years of living in New York City, looking at people on buses, subways, streets, and wondering what was behind those faces and bodies. What would their stories be like if they could talk and I could listen? Would it be easy to pass them by on the street and not even acknowledge their existance? After an opening solo for the the Angel of Death, these stories are presented in a series of vingettes to some of Puccini's most glorious arias. The closing movement suggests a transition to a peaceful and exalted state where the torments of daily life have been left behind as reminders of their physical loss." 

Last, but not least, the dancers iwill perform an excerpt from David Hochoy's joyous Food of Love.  
Thank you and please stay safe.