Edge of Innovation

bound·a·ries. /ˈbound(ə)rēs/  noun
• a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line
• a limit of a subject or sphere of activity

Be inspired and energized by dance. DK reached out to two choreographers who push the boundaries of what dance can be and say for Edge of Innovation at Indiana Repertory Theatre. Then experience David Hochoy's electrifying iconoGlass that pushes the company dancers to their limits.

World Premiere
Choreography by Lalah Ayan

"I don’t have a choreographic style. I do what feels good, what feels relevant and what feels impactful. I do believe that I have a choreographic voice however —you can certainly tell that it’s my work when you see it. The title Edge of Innovation got my wheels turning right away. I will definitely have a fresh/innovative/dynamic element of my piece, but I won’t disclose what the element will be yet."
— Lalah Ayan, Kenyettá Dance Company co-artistic director

Guest Appearance
by Phoenix Rising Dance Company

"I use my choreographic voice to explore social issues and our emotional connections with others and ourselves. Audiences have the opportunity to question their own beliefs around these same issues, and I insert rays of hope throughout so that audiences are inspired to act in some way towards the greater good of humanity when they leave the performance."
— Justin David Sears-Watson, Phoenix Rising Dance Company artistic director (and former DK company dancer) 

Choreography by David Hochoy
This athletic, powerful piece is a test for the company dancers at each performance. Set to the rhythmic music of Phillip Glass, the choreography in iconoGlass pushes the dancers' speed, stamina and artistry. This is an adrenaline rush for audiences, too!