American Valentine

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February 13-16, 2020
at Indiana Repertory Theatre, 140 W. Washington St., downtown Indianapolis
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This is a powerful, uplifting show that features love and hope about our country in act one, and a romantic look at love between people in act two.

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Thursday, Feb. 13 at 7pm
Friday, Feb. 14 at 8pm
Saturday, Feb. 15 at 8pm
Sunday, Feb. 16 at 2:30pm

Act One - Our America
Created by seven DK dancers, this work premiered at the 2019 IndyFringe Festival. JillianGodwin piece Freddie web

"Dance Kaleidoscope dancers have choreographed a new, original piece expressing America's values such as freedom, choice and courage. Through movement, their dances paint landscapes of the soul revealing the full spectrum of human emotions. You actually watch these American themes come to life through empowering movements and music of hope." 
        —Leah Beatty, IndyFringe Talks

"The complexity of [Jillian] Godwin's A Home for All was impressive. She mastered the elusive chore of representing multiplicity in the American Experience. The well-woven patterns, with nearly unstinting strife threaded amid notes of triumph, were busy but presented in an uncongested manner, making good use of the emotionally featureless music of Phillip Glass as a one-color canvas on which to paint."
        —Jay Harvey, Jay Harvey Upstage

 Act Two - Facets of Love  Rome Juliet balcony CEP web
To celebrate Valentine's Day weekend, DK Artistic Director has selected audience favorite romantic duets and moments from the company repertoire. This will include the sexy Seasons Tango, the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet Fantasy, and The End of the World, featuring a collaboration with singer Doug Dilling.

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In the Lobby Rome Juliet balcony CEP web
For American Valentine, students from Herron High School were given the same task as the choreographers for act one. They were asked to create a work of art that showed their hope for the USA. After weeks of brainstorming, they decided to create a large metal statue of Icarus with text attached from each of the participating students. Their work will be displayed in the lobby at Indiana Repertory Theatre during the run of American Valentine, adding another voice and art form to the theme of the show. 

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