2016-17 Flex-Pass

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Your Flex-Pass ($124) is made up of four tickets you can use to any of DK's shows in the 2016-17 season at IRT. See each show once, or go multiple times to the ones you love the best. Save money over the price of four individual tickets and come experience world-class dance.

October 23-26: Moving Sculptures, IRT OneAmerica Stage\nFebruary 9-12: Divas, IRT OneAmerica Stage\nApril 6-9: DK & Friends, IRT OneAmerica Stage\nJune 1-4: Dance is a Contact Sport, IRT OneAmerica Stage\nRead more about the 2016-17 Season here.

To purchase a 2016-17 Flex-Pass, you may either call the DK office at 317.940.6555 or print and mail the form below with your payment. Thank you!