Catching Up with Mariel Greenlee

You may have noticed that dancer Mariel Greenlee has not appeared in recent DK performances. Due to a long recovery time for an injury, she won't appear in next week's DIVAS either. However, her choreography will.
2016 webcollage mariel 1
Q:  What was your injury and what procedure did you have done?
A:  I tore the labrum (cartilage) in my left hip. The labrum functions as a cushion for the hip socket as well a gasket for the joint itself. They repair it arthroscopically by applying traction, sewing the tear shut, removing damaged tissue and tacking it back down to the femoral head (thigh bone).
Q:  How is your physical recovery going?
A:  It's going well! Sometimes hard, sometimes painful, full of discipline but also reward, i.e. Quite similar to dancing, just without communion or glory.
Q: Tell us about your choreography projects, including your piece that will be performed in DIVAS.
A:  As soon as I was crutch-mobile, I was able to watch performances of Peter and the Starcatcher at Phoenix Theatre, The Three Musketeers at IRT, The Adams Family at Marion University, and Zach Rosing Production's The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Anthaneum whose choreography I completed just before the surgery.
Next, two of my pieces from the 2016 IndyFringe Festival are being performed: my piece Surrender will take the stage at IRT in DK's DIVAS and Calder the Musical is performing at the IndyFringe Basille Theatre through February 12. Suffice it to say it's hard for a dancer to hold still—at least my imagination has wings.
Q: What have you learned about yourself during your recovery from this injury?
A:  Mostly I have learned about patience. It is hard on the self-esteem when the part of your life that you most identify with gets frozen until further notice. I take great comfort in knowing that I will return stronger than when I left, however time passes slowly. I have done my best to make the most of my time by filling it with creative projects, visits with friends and family that I don't often have time for, continuing to teach my very inspiring students, and researching things I can do to better myself in the months ahead.